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Weakening Rupee & Dividend Yield Stocks

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Weakening Rupee & Dividend Yield Stocks

With the rupee weakening by more than 19% this year we find ourselves caught up in an inflationary environment despite a series of rate hikes by the RBI. India Inc is now caught in a scenario of slack demand, rising input costs ,wage costs and interest cost coupled with MTM losses on its FX loans. In such a scenario it is no surprise that Infosys continues to remain a safe heaven for investors as it will continue to report earnings growth and has proven ability of displaying the best organic revenue growth among leading IT companies over the past 10 years with a return on capital of more than 65%.  

As the market continues to hide in IT stocks like Infosys, TCS & HCL Technologies in times of rupee weakening, the thirst for good dividend yield stocks beyond the NIFTY FIFTY is still prevailent and we find that the steep rupee depreciation has now caught up with some of the so called “Dividend Yield” stories which are part of the BSE 500. One such example is the Pune based pipe producer – Finolex Industries which apparently has a dividend yield of 7% at the current price- but one look at its debt equity and import intensity is enough to get the sense that earnings would degrow thereby casting a shadow on such dividend yield themes. It is for this reason that we like free cash generating business and prefer to buy such business for dividend yield despite low growth and when you do get growth out of such business then you reap it big like in the case of the cigarette company – VST Industries.


Written by Fundamental Side

December 16, 2011 at 12:46 pm